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Finding Your Way into the Millionaire Niche

Monday Maine Maven


Are you interested in becoming a millionaire? If your answer is yes, which I assume it is, do you know how to go about becoming one?

Jaime Tardy, today’s Monday Maine Maven, is figuring that out and sharing what she learns on her blog, Eventual Millionaire: Business Advice for Millionaires in the Making.

While not yet a millionaire herself, Jaime knows what it takes, and what it isn’t worth, to find the balance between financial security and personal happiness.

By the time Jaime was 22, she was making a six figure salary. However, by the age of 24, Jaime was in debt and unhappy.

Determined to live an enjoyable life, Jaime re-prioritized. While she still wanted to be a millionaire, she also wanted to have a job that she loved and allowed her to live the life she wanted.

After lots of research and personal experiences, Jaime quit her job and found her passion: personal finance. Today, Jaime helps entrepreneurs realize what she did: how to prioritize their passions and financial goals to live the lives they want while also building their net worth.

On her blog, Jaime shares interviews with millionaires where she gets tips and advice about their successes and failures.

Jaime explains,

I think it’s okay to love money. I love my washing machine too. It’s okay to love a tool that makes your life easier. What is not okay is putting it above other priorities, like family, health and work you love.”

Jaime is from Turner, Maine. She has interviewed over 70 millionaires and she has been seen on CNN, MSN, Yahoo, Success Magazine and many more.


1. You carved out a niche on the Web with your focus on millionaires. What gave you this idea?

I’ve always had a goal to be a millionaire, but it seemed like a stretch. I wanted to surround myself with millionaires to see WHO they were. I wanted to learn from them.

In my mastermind group, a fellow business owner suggested I start a podcast with only millionaires to not only have easier access to them, but to help others learn the same. It just made perfect sense!


2.  Why do you do podcasts as opposed to videos?  What are the advantages of podcasts?

I do videos also. When you have a video you can always make it audio, and then text. But if I started in audio, it’s a pain to try and create something visual to go with it.

The podcast is only audio because it’s much smaller! I never download video podcasts because they take up so much space on my iPhone (though in the future I will be putting a new podcast out that is just the video interviews, so you can choose!).


3.  What is your approach to public relations and pitching the media? You have been very successful.

To be honest, it was an accident at first.

CNN found me because I created a compelling story and put it out there on a very popular site. But after learning that my story was “press-worthy” I started to delve into it.

Press is always looking for good content and stories. We are a society that loves to consume it! So you are helping journalists if you can get them interesting stories and content and be fast and relevant. is a great way to get started. Once you start getting a bit of press, it’s much easier to get more. You can then approach a journalist saying you were on other national press, and they trust you and your content better.


If you’d like to connect with Jaime you can follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook, subscribe to her blog, or comment in the section below!


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