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Mainebiz Meets Needs of Both Print and Online Readers

Monday Maine Maven


Today’s Monday Maine Maven is Jenna Grant, marketing and events manager at Mainebiz.

Jenna is a Maine native. Jenna has a bachelor of arts in communications from Russell Sage College in New York. After four years away from her home state, Jenna moved back to Maine and has been here ever since. Jenna has worked in the publication industry in some facet for over six years.

When not planning events for Mainebiz, you can find Jenna running in local road races (she just finished her first marathon this year!) or home with her husband and black cat.


1. You just hosted a very successful Momentum Convention. Do you feel it achieved what you set out to accomplish?  

I do. The end goal of this convention was to gather businesses from across the state in one place to network and do business which happened all day on the show floor.

Also, our new Mainebiz U sessions were a big hit. Many presenters felt as though they had a very engaged audience that were asking many questions both before, during and even after the session was over.

The keynote speaker, Erick James, really hammered home the idea of innovation and how to bring it to your organization. The Twitter feed started going crazy with points he made that stood out to attendees.


2. Tell us about your publications, both online and in print, as well as your enewsletters. 

Mainebiz is a bi-weekly print publication that serves the state of Maine. Our readers pick us up to see what is going on in the state, changes happening within businesses, thoughts from our editor and more. We are known to have a great editorial team who really researches stories and gets all the information before sitting down to write.

We also have a daily enewsletter called the Daily Report. This comes out around lunchtime each business day and is filled with top headline stories that are critical to our readers. It’s a great way to take one look and see what’s going on in the state.

Our other enewsletter, the Portland Report, comes out every Tuesday afternoon and supplies stories specific to the Portland region.

As many know, just received a makeover at the start of the year and is chock full of in-depth articles and information.

3. Mainebiz does a lot of work to build its brand by connecting with readers both online and in person. Has that been your strategy? What tools do you find most helpful? 

Our strategy has always been to connect with our readers.

As the days go by, online has become much more relevant than it was in years past. We want to make sure that our print product is as strong as ever to connect with our print readers, but we also understand that many people are looking to get their news and information in a digital format only.

Many of our print stories can be found on our website. Also, we have videos that tie into print stories found only online.

While it’s a dancing act to be sure we serve both print and online audiences, it’s one that is always changing and keeping us on our toes!


To connect with Jenna, find her on Linkedin, follow Mainebiz on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube, or comment in the section below.


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