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Feel the love!


The Role of Love in Branding

“I love my Mac!”
“I love my Subaru!”
“I love my Starbucks!”

How often have you heard people talk about their favorite brands in passionate terms?  Strong brands get a lot of love from consumers, and strong brands love their loyal buyers back with special offers, gatherings, recognition, and rewards.

At NMC, we’re in the business of helping our clients build their brands.  I’m always talking about focusing on the people who already love the brand and capturing the reasons for their love, and making sure that the brand loves them back.

At NMC, Matt and Nikki not only tell people how much they love their Subarus, they even like to pose with them!

It’s important to build a tribe of loyal brand ambassadors. These are people who will spread great word-of-mouth testimonials to their friends and family. There is no more powerful marketing than an enthusiastic endorsement from someone you know, like, and trust.

Your most loyal brand followers are also the people who will give you the most valuable feedback on your products so if you are managing a brand, it’s a good idea to ask your tribe what they think you can do better.

If people truly love you and your product, they will tell you how they feel.

Love is one of our most powerful emotions in the human mind and body. If someone is willing to say they love your brand, it’s a powerful endorsement. These are the customers who will stick with you through thick and thin.

Brands reside in peoples’ hearts and minds, so the passionate brand followers hold a place for you in their brains and their bodies, which is pretty valuable real estate in my book.

Social media is extremely instrumental in nurturing relationships between a brand and its most loyal followers. It’s a place where you as a brand manager can share information, provide rewards, and engage in an ongoing dialogue.

In today’s world, social media is more powerful than advertising because people feel they can connect, share their feelings, and interact with other people who also love the brand.

With over 32 million likes and 517 thousand people talking about the brand, Starbucks has significant fan engagement on their Facebook page.

Public relations is important in nurturing the love relationship between a brand and its followers because it provides an ongoing stream of news and information to the news media and organizes special events where people can get together and feel the love.

Think of HOG rallies where thousands of enthusiastic Harley owners get together and enthusiastically share their passion for their bikes and each other!

So if you are managing a brand, think of love every day.

  • How can you spread the love, share the love and feel the love between and among your most passionate brand ambassadors?

Getting them to shout from the mountaintops about how much they love your brand is the most effective kind of marketing anywhere.


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