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Why you need to constantly attract new customers and five ways to do it


I was having a strategy discussion with two of my employees this morning, talking about a particular client that seems to think the whole world knows about them when in all reality, there are few people who do.

Their customer base is growing older, and thus shrinking in number.

They need to implement a marketing program to get new customers and to hang on to the customers they already have.

Here are the Maine PR Maven’s Five Tips on Constantly Attracting New Customers:


1. Be loving:

Hang on to existing customers with everything you’ve got, because it costs five to seven times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Show your existing customers you care by listening attentively to their needs and providing impeccable customer service.

Are you coming up on searches by potential clients?


2. Be findable:

If someone is searching for what you have to sell on the Internet, make sure your website is optimized for Google searches.

If they can’t find you, they can’t buy from you.

Search engine optimization involves having content that people find interesting and engaging. It must be current and relevant.  A website needs to get a lot of TLC from a business owner and management on an ongoing basis in order to be findable.

A mobile website is important because more and more people will be searching for your business from their mobile phone.


3. Be social:

A recent article in Forbes magazine described the new breed of social salesperson that follows Twitter to find people complaining about the competition or asking about products and services they provide. It was really interesting, and makes a compelling case for using social media to find new leads for business.

“The Rise of Social Salespeople” by Mark Fidelman and Jim Keenan. Credit: Forbes



4. Be famous: 

It pays to be in the news, and that doesn’t mean the court news for a traffic violation. If you or your company are doing something newsworthy, be sure to contact the local media and suggest a story on it.

You can also write a guest opinion column or a letter to the editor.

You can even start your own blog, as I did with this blog in 2008!

However you choose to get your name or business name out there, you need to do it. People are a lot more likely to buy from you if they have heard of you.


5. Be grateful:

Thank people for referring you to others. There’s nothing better than providing a thank you gift to someone in order to encourage further referrals.

Don’t take referrals for granted. They are the most powerful form of marketing.

People are a lot more likely to trust a referral from a friend or family member than they are to believe an ad in the newspaper or on TV. 


These are my five tips for new business development; please share some of yours in the comments section!


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