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Lunch and Learn

The staff at NMC believes in continuously learning new skills that enable us to provide quality services to our clients. We also believe in having fun throughout the process! This week’s Friday Fab Foto is a result of what we like to call “Lunch and Learn,” or an opportunity for the entire team to get together, learn something new and have some fun.

Our latest Lunch and Learn was all about project management and establishing clear communication and roles for team members when working with clients. A part of the lesson included building a tower using newspaper, straws and tape, and this was the result…

NMC Interactive Manager, Matthew Rideout, acts as a human tower during a Lunch and Learn session earlier this week.

We sure had fun, and we hope you have lots of fun this weekend!

One Response to Lunch and Learn

  • Deelight says:

    Along with Matt’s patience and professionalism, it’s great to see proof that he’s brought a terrific sense of humor to share with the team. Looks like it was a great Lunch & Learn & Laugh!

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