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One Easy Way to See if Your SEO is Getting Better or Worse

by NMC Internet Marketing Manager Matthew Rideout

Google’s search engine algorithm changes a lot, trying to provide searchers with the best search results possible. Their goal is to put the best, most helpful content at the top of the search results page.

How SEO Has Changed

Google Analytics Acquisition metricIn the old days all you needed to do for SEO was make sure your page title, headings, and content all used the same keywords, and that you got links from other pages using the same keywords.

Not anymore. Google is getting better at looking at a website the way a real human would, and deciding if your content is better or worse than other websites about the same subject. Everything from your syntax and the vocabulary used, to the friendliness of the site layout, and several other factors that humans pick up on, are now used as part of Google’s algorithm.

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