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Skowhegan Savings

Monday Maine Maven: Amber Lambke

Monday Maine Maven
Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed another beautiful weekend in Maine. Today’s Maine Maven is Amber Lambke, local food enthusiast and active community member in Skowhegan, Maine.

1. Amber, tell us about your background. You are so involved in the local food and agricultural movement in Skowhegan. What ignited your passion in this area?

I grew up in Brunswick, Maine and have a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology.  My husband, Mike, a family-practice physician, and I met at a contra dance, and settled in Skowhegan after getting married in 2001.


Mike and I love to grow food and raise chickens for fresh eggs on our in-town postage stamp house lot in Skowhegan. Having bought one of the turn of the century ‘painted-lady’ homes in town, we affectionately refer to the property as ‘Agro-Victorian’. We maximize every square inch of our property for food production, but we must still leave some of the serious fruit and vegetable production up to the experts and those with real farmland.  Needless to say, when we moved to Skowhegan in 2001 we were thrilled to discover the Skowhegan’s Farmers’ Market and have volunteered and grow in the interest of locally grown food throughout the community.


When Albie Barden, a friend and mason from Norridgewock asked for my help organizing a conference that would feed the interest amongst farmers, millers, bakers, and oven builders in reviving grain production in Maine, I was thrilled.  Having just celebrated its fifth year, the Kneading Conference is putting Skowhegan on the map as a hotbed of progressive thinking around strengthening Maine’s agricultural economy.  At a time when rural downtowns are suffering the loss of industry and poverty is widespread,  I can’t think of a better focus than food production to bring back vitality to communities and make them places that our children will want to return to.

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Sample of a Facebook Policy for Employees

Yesterday we presented a Social Media Workshop in Waterville for friends and customers of our client, Skowhegan Savings. We promised that we would provide an example of a Facebook Policy for Employees. Here is a sample of one. I must say, however, that we are not attorneys (nor do we play one on TV) so if you should check this policy out with your attorney before you use it.  The company name here is “XYZ Company,” so obviously you should plug in your own company name wherever it refers to XYZ Company. Continue reading “Sample of a Facebook Policy for Employees” »

Presentation for Skowhegan Savings’ Customers: Plus My Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Engage in Social Media

On Tuesday, April 27, Greg Glynn and I presented a social media workshop sponsored by our client, Skowhegan Savings, at the Governor’s Restaurant in Waterville.   Here is the PowerPoint presentation that we used for our presentation. Continue reading “Presentation for Skowhegan Savings’ Customers: Plus My Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Engage in Social Media” »