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Friday Fab Foto

Summit Natural Gas of Maine to Debut Green Team at Old Hallowell Day Parade

This Saturday, July 20, Summit Natural Gas of Maine will be participating in the Old Hallowell Day parade. NMC staff has been prepping lots of candy and stickers for parade swag. The parade starts at 10 a.m. and runs along Water Street downtown, and features a variety of local businesses.

Smarties everywhere! The NMC conference room is packed with parade supplies for Summit Natural Gas. Join us in downtown Hallowell on Saturday at 10 a.m.

Join Summit Natural Gas of Maine as they debut their Green Team this Saturday. The Green Team is a group of Augusta-based employees who will represent the company by serving as volunteers at community-based projects in the individual towns Summit serves in the Kennebec Valley.

 See you there!

The Lunder Collection: A Gift of Art to Colby College

On Tuesday, I had the privilege of previewing the Lunder Collection at the Colby Museum of Art. The space is awe inspiring. I am so proud of my alma mater for having a museum of this significance right on the campus, which is already a beautiful place. This museum makes it even more beautiful and appealing to students, families, visitors and Maine people.

The Lunder Collection makes its public debut Saturday, June 13, 2013 and will be on display through June 8, 2014.

The addition of this collection to the Colby College Museum of Art in July 2013, represents the largest selection of the Lunder Collection since the announcement of the promised gift in 2007. Widely acknowledged as one of the most important holdings of American art ever assembled by private collectors, the Lunder Collection comprises more than 500 objects including works by Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keeffe, and James McNeill Whistler.

The debut of the collection will be open to the public on Sunday, July 14, 2013 from noon to 5 p.m.


Great Success for Julia Clukey’s Camp for Girls

Today marks the conclusion of the 2nd annual Julia Clukey’s Camp for Girls. The 10-day camp ran June 17-21 and 24-28 on Maranacook Lake in Readfield, Maine. The camp is designed for girls 8-12 as a place to develop self confidence and a healthy lifestyle.

Julia Clukey’s Camp for Girls’ campers (red) and staff (blue) on opening day.

Each year, the curriculum for the camp is designed by Olympian Julia Clukey and KV YMCA camp director, Johanna King. The camp features a wide range of activities including swimming, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, nature walks, field sports, arts and crafts, theater and music.

As a part of the support for the camp, the Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association, and organization that has partnered with Julia Clukey as their responsibility spokesperson, donates scholarships each year to provide the opportunity for underprivileged girls to attend summer. In total, the association has donated $7,000 in scholarships for the camp.

For more information, visit


Trek Across Maine 2013

With friends, family members and employees participating in the Trek Across Maine this weekend, we are saddened by the tragic accident this morning. We wish everyone a safe ride on the remainder of the Trek.

Hallowell Homecoming Extravaganza

NMC client and local filmmaker Chris Walters celebrated his recent meetings with Hollywood producers by hosting a Hallowell Homecoming Extravaganza on Sunday, June 2 at Maple Hill Farm.

The event featured a screening of his film Jim Jones Juice, and music by The Band Apollo, Loc Da American Bulldog, and Sam Shain and the Scolded Dogs along with works from local artists. Hallowell Mayor Charlotte M. Warren introduced the event, which was sponsored by RE/MAX Capital Chris Vallee Associates.

The Band Apollo were one of the many performers at Chris Walters’ (right) Hallowell Homecoming.

Walters begins filming the sequel, Dave’s Intervention, this summer in Maine. To learn more about Chris Walters Productions please visit their website,

NMC Senior Account Coordinator Rose Whitehouse Retires

This week’s Friday Fab Foto is bittersweet for the staff at NMC—after 11 years, NMC Senior Account Coordinator Rose Whitehouse is retiring today.

She stole the scene from day one, and quickly became recognized as the most fashionable person in the office. Her Death by Chocolate dessert is legendary, along with her passion for the NMC brand.

NMC Senior Account Coordinator Rose Whitehouse (center), with Nancy Marshall (left) and Charlene Williams (right), retires today after 11 years with the company.

During a staff meeting yesterday she confessed that being one of our lead proofreaders was by far her favorite part of the job because she took pride in the ability to ensure that clients were receiving the best product possible. Rose also noted that working with the agency helped keep her trendy, emphasizing a dinner party where she impressed everyone with her knowledge of QR codes.

The office certainly will not be the same without her, but we wish her the best of luck as she prepares for her next endeavor—full-time Grammy to her (soon-to-be-three) beautiful grandchildren!


The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers’ Teen Parent School Program a Success

We’re proud to work with our client The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers in Waterville for so many reasons. This year, we were proud to spread the word about the success of their Teen Parent School Program, a program that has been helping young parents for more than 39 years. This spring the program graduated 7 teens, including 2 fathers.

Pictured from left to right: Graduates Brianna Bernier and Leah Broulliet along with Sharon Abrams, executive director of The Maine Children’s Home, graduate Kelsey Marcia and Jana Burgoyne, teacher of the Teen Parent School Program

Earlier this month, The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers awarded graduates Brianna Bernier, Leah Broulliet, and Kelsey Marcia with $1,000 scholarships at a Teen Parent School Program celebration luncheon at Joseph’s Fireside Steakhouse.

Next year our agency is looking forward to helping The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers celebrate the 40th anniversary of their Teen Parent School Program as they continue to help young parents in Maine succeed.

Click here to learn more about the Teen Parent School Program at The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers.

Lunder-Dineen Sponsors Successful Theater of War Production

On Monday night NMC’s Renée Black and Erika Bush traveled to Orono to support our client Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine.

Lunder-Dineen sponsored a performance of Theater of War, produced by Outside the Wire. The performance used a dramatic reading of Sophocles’ Ajax as a way to spark conversation among the audience in a panel discussion about the psychological impact of war on veterans, their families and communities.

The Lunder-Dineen team hosted a successful Theater of War production on Monday evening at The University of Maine at Orono.

The performance featured David Strathairn (Lincoln; The Bourne UltimatumGood Night, and Good Luck) who expressed, “From the beginning, we knew we had something special. Anyone who has ever been in the room can testify to that.”

Other actors included Erik Moody, Dustin Tucker, Patricia Buckley and Rob Cameron. The panel discussion was facilitated by retired Brigadier General Loree Sutton.

To learn more about Lunder-Dineen and about programs they’re bringing to a community near you, please visit



Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital is a nonprofit organization that provides high-quality, CME/CE-certified, evidence-based health education to the citizens of Maine using needs assessments, innovative learning methodologies and expert faculty from within and outside of Maine.

Julia Clukey Honored by Maine Legislature

Olympian Julia Clukey was recognized on April 30 by the Maine Legislature as part of Alcohol Awareness Month for her work across the state to promote the importance of responsibility and good decision making with our client the Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association.

Julia Clukey (center) with members of the Maine Legislature. Clukey was honored for her work as the spokespeson for Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association’s responsibility initiative.

To acknowledge her work, she was presented with a customized license plate by Senator Roger Katz, Rep. Matt Pouliot, and Secretary of State Matt Dunlap. She also received a Legislative Sentiment from Rep. Matt Pouliot as well as a standing ovation from members of the legislature.

Since 2010, Olympian Julia Clukey has been the spokesperson for the Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association’s ongoing responsibility initiative. She has presented at 27 high schools across the state, reaching more than 6,000 Maine high school students. Julia’s presentations are made possible by the Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association as part of their ongoing responsibility initiative and are provided at no cost to the school. To schedule a presentation, visit

This month, Julia was also named to the Fall 2013 National Team and recently announced plans for the second year of her 10-day summer camp this summer in Readfield, Maine.

Complete list of people in the photo:

L to R: Mike Runser of Valley Distributors, Jim Bourque of Nappi Distributors, Mike Barriault of Central Distributors, Elmer Alcott of Nappi Distributors, Cheryl Timberlake Executive VP of MBWDA, Secretary of State Matt Dunlap, Olympian Julia Clukey, Senator Roger Katz, Representative Matt Pouliot, Scott Solman of Maine Distributors, Nick Alberding of Pine State Trading Co., Peter Briggs of Aroostook Beverage Co., and Jeff Kane of National Distributors