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NMC Senior Account Coordinator Rose Whitehouse Retires

This week’s Friday Fab Foto is bittersweet for the staff at NMC—after 11 years, NMC Senior Account Coordinator Rose Whitehouse is retiring today.

She stole the scene from day one, and quickly became recognized as the most fashionable person in the office. Her Death by Chocolate dessert is legendary, along with her passion for the NMC brand.

NMC Senior Account Coordinator Rose Whitehouse (center), with Nancy Marshall (left) and Charlene Williams (right), retires today after 11 years with the company.

During a staff meeting yesterday she confessed that being one of our lead proofreaders was by far her favorite part of the job because she took pride in the ability to ensure that clients were receiving the best product possible. Rose also noted that working with the agency helped keep her trendy, emphasizing a dinner party where she impressed everyone with her knowledge of QR codes.

The office certainly will not be the same without her, but we wish her the best of luck as she prepares for her next endeavor—full-time Grammy to her (soon-to-be-three) beautiful grandchildren!


We Love Staff Meetings

Happy Friday!

The staff at NMC believes that every day is a good day, especially when there is cake involved.

Cake always makes staff meetings better.

This beauty was baked by our very own Vice President/General Manager, Charlene Williams. The cake was filled with fresh fruit and pecans; topped with a homemade icing, and the perfect complement to our morning coffee.

Charlene always makes us delicious treats. Around the holidays she is often referred to as the office elf because you never know what scrumptious treats, wrapped with ribbon, will be on your desk in the morning.

The NMC staff hopes your weekend is filled with food, family and fun.