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Your Website is the Centerpiece of Your Marketing Program

When you are setting a table for a formal dinner party, you place something beautiful in the center of the table like candles, flowers or a bowl of colorful fruit. This centerpiece ties everything on the table together.

This infographic comes from our good friends at the Caliber Group in Arizona. Both our agencies are members of the Alliance of Marketing Communications Agencies. Thanks to the Caliber Group for sharing!

Your website is the centerpiece of your marketing program. It helps you connect with your targeted audiences and ties all of your marketing efforts together. It contains all the information about your product, service, place, organization or brand that people need in order to connect with you or do business with you. Visitors come to your site to get more information, to evaluate your products and services and to assess your brand. By looking at your site, they decide whether they want to connect with your brand….or not.

Your website is the focal point of your brand, and the foundation of your marketing program. Every aspect of your marketing should point back to your website, including press releases, ads, business cards, brochures, flyers, rack cards, banners, direct mail and social media.

Nancy Marshall, principal of Nancy Marshall Communications

When people go to your website, they will immediately get a sense of your brand. If your website looks amateurish, people will think your business is amateurish.  If it is beautiful and full of useful information that draws people in and keeps them there for a while, then your website will build your brand and convey an image of professionalism.

It’s important to be sure that the centerpiece on your table and the centerpiece of your marketing program are consistent with the image you want to convey to your guests, whether they are coming for dinner at your home or coming to learn more about your organization online.

Coming Attraction: Great Article on Social Media Monitoring

Tomorrow’s edition of our e-newsletter, the NMC Report, will feature an article by our own Internet Project Manager, Eric Reynolds about social media monitoring. If you go to, and scroll down below the slide show of Maine, you can sign up for our NEWSLETTER, The NMC Report. Sign up now and you will receive invaluable advice and tips on public relations, integrated marketing services, internet marketing and how to use your website to reach your marketing goals in your own inbox every other week!

Great Opportunities to Learn about Email Marketing and Social Media from Constant Contact


Lisa Madore and Greg Glynn

NMC is proud to be a “business partner” with Constant Contact, the company that makes it easy to send out e-newsletters like this one.  Last week we presented an event at the Black Bear Inn in Orono with Constant Contact. I took this photo of Greg Glynn, one of the account executives from the NMC staff, along with Lisa Madore from Valley Distributors which is a member of our client, the Maine Beer and Wine Distributors Association.

If you go to the Constant Contact website at, and click on the “Learning Center” tab, you will find an incredible library of free resources to help you improve your marketing program. I am simply amazed at the wealth of materials they offer.


There’s a step-by-step guide to generating great e-newsletters that you can download for free called “Content is King: A How-To Guide for Writing Valuable Email Communications.”   Here are some of the tips they share taken from their how to guide, which I am summarizing in the bullets to follow with my own experiences in marketing and communications: Continue reading “Great Opportunities to Learn about Email Marketing and Social Media from Constant Contact” »

Social Media and Email Marketing Seminar this Thursday September 30 at Black Bear Inn

If you receive my bi-weekly e-newsletter, The NMC Report, then you know that my agency is co-hosting a seminar this Thursday with Constant Contact at the Black Bear Inn in Orono, Maine, from  8:30 to 12:30 a.m. about social media and e-mail marketing.  Corissa St. Laurent from Constant Contact will be the presenter. Best part about it?  The whole thing is free, and I’m even buying coffee for everyone who comes!  Other snacks will be available for a small fee.


My PR and Marketing Services Firm, NMC, is in the business of developing web sites, starting with a web strategy plan and then developing the content, design and functionality. We feel that one of the most important parts of the process is how you promote your website once you have launched it. That’s where this seminar will help you out. You will learn techniques to develop stronger relationships with your customers and to drive more traffic to your website. Continue reading “Social Media and Email Marketing Seminar this Thursday September 30 at Black Bear Inn” »