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How To Connect Your YouTube and Google+ Pages

You can link your Google+ page to your business’s YouTube channel to gain advanced channel management features. You will be able to let multiple people manage your YouTube channel, as well as manage multiple YouTube channels from a single login. No more sharing passwords to personal Google accounts, or setting up fake Google accounts just for YouTube!

Here are instructions for linking Google+ to YouTube. You must already have a Google+ page set up for your business, and the Gmail login you use to access YouTube must be an administrator of the Google+ page.

1.) In YouTube, under account settings, click the “advanced” link

2.) Click the blue button that says “Connect with a Google+ page”

3.) You will be presented with a few options for what you can connect your YouTube channel to. Select your YouTube channel from the list and click next. Follow the additional instructions and your YouTube channel will be linked to your Google+ page.

4.) Now any of your Google+ page managers will be able to manage your YouTube account. When they log in to YouTube, they can use the “switch account” feature to select the Google+ page and the connected YouTube channel.

Contributed by Matthew Rideout, NMC Interactive Marketing Manager


Using Google AdWords to Attract Customers to Your Business

Hi, Erika here!

You’re bored on a Friday night and looking for something to do when a friend suggests that you guys grab a bite to eat and go see a movie. You say, “Sure, but I want try something new.” You both agree on pizza, so you Google search local pizza place Augusta Maine and you get this:

Local businesses Whipper’s, College Carryout and Pizza Stone make up the top results of the search. Where would your business be?

Chances are, you’re going to pick one of the places on this page—and there is an even better chance that it will be one of the first three or four listings.

So, how do you make sure that your business is near the top?

A search engine marketing system, such as Google AdWords, certainly helps!

NMC Interactive Marketing Manager Matt Rideout has recently received his AdWords Certification through Google’s AdWords Certification Program. The certification required training in complex marketing systems along with multiple tests, and Rideout says, “The certification lets our customers know that we are fully taking advantage of everything the AdWords marketing channel has to offer. Ultimately, it shows our dedication to ensuring our clients receive the best online advertising possible from NMC.”

NMC Principal Nancy Marshall adds, “Matt’s Google AdWords Certification adds one more area of expertise we can offer to our clients that will help them connect their marketing messages with their target audiences.”

So how does Google AdWords work?

  • Keywords are the key to a successful campaign. Think like a potential customer—if they had never been to your business how might they find you?
    • Pizza place:  thin crust pizza Augusta Maine, pizza delivery Augusta Maine, pizza places in Augusta Maine open late, etc.
    • Gym:  gym open late in Augusta Maine, Augusta Maine gym with tanning, Augusta Maine trial gym membership, etc.
  • You decide how much you spend by setting a daily budget that is comfortable for you, and you can change it at any time—you are never locked into a contract.
  • You only pay for results (cost-per-click), which means that you never pay for your ad to be displayed, but only when someone actually clicks on your ad and is redirected to your site and/or landing page.
  • Relevance means more business—the more relevant your ads and keywords are to the demographic, the higher your Quality Score. The higher your Quality Score, the higher up your position will be on a Google search.

NMC Interactive Marketing Manager Matt Rideout, who recently received his Google AdWords Certification.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the higher your position on the search results page, the more likely you are to be chosen. The more people click on your ads, the lower your cost-per-click will be!

The team here at NMC sets up cost-per-click systems that allow us to measure return on investment (ROI) so that our customers know they are generating a profit with their campaigns.

Contact us today to see how the NMC team can help your business reach the coveted #1 search result spot with $100 in free AdWords advertising.

Google Yourself!

Nancy Marshall, principal of Nancy Marshall Communications

7 Ways to Make Yourself More Findable

If someone entered your name into Google, what would they find?  Or, if they can’t remember your name, but they remember what you do, and enter some descriptive key words, will they be able to find you?

It’s a good idea to Google yourself to see what comes up! (Make sure you log out of your own Google account so the results aren’t skewed.) There may be other people who have the same name as you.  If you create a personal branding strategy to make sure that all of your online information is up to date and filled with the keywords that describe you and what you do, people will be more likely to find you and not others.

Here are my 7 tips to make sure you are findable:

  • Be sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and filled with the keywords people might be using to find you.
  • Have you thought of creating a personal website?  Try to secure the URL for your own name, and then create a website all about you. This will definitely help you become more findable.
  • If you have a website for your business, or better yet, a personal website, make sure your biography is updated and also filled with the proper keywords.
  • If there have been stories in the media about you, then you will be more findable. Perhaps you’ve recently received an award or a promotion and you sent a news item to the newspaper. That kind of information will also come up in a Google search.
  • You can position yourself as an expert by pitching the media to do a story about your area of expertise. Or you can write an opinion column and submit it to the editorial page of your local newspaper. The more you can stand out from others by getting news coverage for your particular area of expertise, the better.
  • Speaking engagements are a great way for you to establish yourself as an expert and gain media coverage.  I speak at numerous chamber meetings and  annual meetings of professional organizations to get exposure with new audiences as well as attract television , radio and newspaper coverage.

Google now offers “Google Profiles.”  Here’s a link to mine: If you haven’t created a Google profile for yourself, now’s the time to do it.

The results that come up when you Google search Maine PR Maven, a term associated with the Nancy Marshall Communications brand.

All the inbound links that you generate to your website will help optimize your name so Google will be able to help people find you more easily.