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Public Relations: It’s a Mindset, Not a One-Time Activity

Nancy Marshall, CEO of Nancy Marshall Communications

Three Tips to Generate PR on an Ongoing Basis

I frequently talk with clients who say that they want to do “a little bit of PR.” When I hear that, I sometimes have to bite my tongue so as not to say “there’s no such thing as a little bit of PR.”

Public relations is a mindset. It’s something you need to be thinking about all the time. Well, maybe you don’t need to think about it as much as I do, because I really do think about it all the time (just ask my husband).  But  if you are always thinking about your relationship with the public, and your targeted publics in particular, then you are more likely to experience success with building your brand.

Here are three tips that will help you think like a PR professional:

1. Share helpful information with your targeted publics

Leverage social media—post on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter on how to accomplish something in your field of work.

Give a speech to the local Rotary explaining the latest trends in your industry.

Host an informational workshop for your clients and friends at a local community center in your area of business.

2. Watch the news of the day to see how you might be able to offer expertise.

Recently there was a train crash and oil explosion in Lac Megantic, Quebec, right over the border from Maine. Anyone with experience in how trains work, or the way oil is prone to burn uncontrollably, could speak with authority to the news about this tragedy. Or an expert in psychotherapy could talk about how you should talk to your children about tragic events.  Figuring out ways to adapt a national news story and leverage it for your own PR is called “newsjacking,” and it’s an amazingly effective public relations technique.

3. Look for opportunities to share the news of your business.

Have you hired a new employee?  Send out a press release with his or her head shot. Have you taken on a new client or customer? That’s a good reason for a press release, as well. How about an award or a published article? That’s newsworthy. A new invention, patent, or trademark? Yes, that’s also a reason to reach out to the news media. 


A little bit of PR will do just that:  get you a little bit of PR. But if you are always thinking about how to get your news out there to your targeted audiences and raise your profile with the public, then you are more likely to benefit from increased awareness in the marketplace.

Talking About Social Media in a Room Filled with Great Energy in Skowhegan, Maine

This morning, Greg Glynn from my agency team and I presented a seminar on Social Media for Small Businesses at the Skowhegan Community Center. The workshop was sponsored by our client, Skowhegan Savings.  We talked about how small businesses need to define their goals, their identity, and their key messages before diving into the pool of social media. We recommended that people who are totally new to social media start by establishing an account on Linked In to start experimenting with the power of increasing your network of contacts. Continue reading “Talking About Social Media in a Room Filled with Great Energy in Skowhegan, Maine” »

Linkedin Q and A provides interesting opportunity for entrepreneurs

I’ve been using LinkedIn for several months now to increase my social network.  As a matter of fact, if you’re reading this blog and you’re not part of my network, I invite you to ‘link‘ with me. Just go to LinkedIn, create an identity for yourself, then invite me to join your network. It’s amazing to see who is connected to whom, and how many people we are connected to, in so many facets of our lives. We are connected to people through our home towns, through our schools, through our kids’ schools, through our clients, our professions and our past jobs. Continue reading “Linkedin Q and A provides interesting opportunity for entrepreneurs” »

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Oprah Winfrey’s Media Empire

Nancy at the Media Marketplace of the Society of American Travel WritersI’m working on building my networks in Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. I haven’t done too much with Facebook and MySpace frankly but I am going to work on it this week. On LinkedIn, I have been building my network consistently for several months.  I love being able to see how many degrees of separation there are between others and myself on LinkedIn.

Here is my Facebook page.

Today I purchased an ad on Facebook to promote this blog. We’ll see how we do with it. I am experimenting with all these communities so I can better counsel my clients on how to leverage the marketing value of being involved. As I continue to experiment with different aspects of each community, I will report back.

I’ve invited my son to ‘friend me’ on Facebook. We’ll see if he does. I don’t really think he wants his mother as his friend on his page, unfortunately. Jean Chatzky, the financial guru who has a radio show on the Oprah XM 156 Radio Station, was just complaining about the same issue on her show the other day. Jean, if you’re reading this blog, I feel your pain.

By the way, I love Oprah’s radio station on XM and I think that Oprah and her team have set the standard for multi-media exposure to build Oprah’s celebrity and expertise with the TV show, soon to be TV Network called OWN, the radio station on XM called Oprah and Friends, the Magazine, the website, numerous blogs and published books. In so many ways, Oprah inspires me. It’s not only her leadership and sheer success, but for her commitment to doing the right thing as well as how she stays true to herself and true to her friends. Her best friend is Gayle King who also has a radio show on XM 156. I enjoy listening to Gayle, too, as well as Dr. Oz, Dr. Robin Smith, Marianne Williamson and Bob Greene, Oprah’s personal trainer.