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Positive Social Media Role Model

Kelly LaBrecque, meteorologist at WCSH 6

When we were young, anyone on television had to be famous—as in billboards and paparazzi famous. We idolized and admired the people we saw as public figures. Today, their lives are displayed across multiple social networks and through social networks fans get an up close and personal look at the daily lives of their favorite ‘celebrities.’ So what happens when you’re a local celebrity? How do you balance your personal and professional life and share ‘just enough’?

This week’s Monday Maine Maven, Kelly LaBrecque of WCSH 6, discusses how she manages that balance and what motivates her. Kelly’s advice to those young admirers: “Work hard at whatever you want to do and know that your hard work will pay off!”

LaBrecque grew up in Maine and went to school in New York, but she says, “I worked in New York City for a little while after college, but I realized that my heart is in Maine.” She ultimately chose to move nearer to her family, with whom she is incredibly close. Kelly says, “I grew up with my grandparents living right down the street; I saw them almost every day and I knew that having my parents in my own children’s lives in a similar way was important to me.”

Kelly and her husband recently added their son, Silas, to the mix and she credits him as ‘an awesome little dude.’ She admits that it’s been hard to leave the little guy, but that it feels good to be back at work. She says, “Being a Mom has got to be the hardest job in the world!” She laughs at the idea of a routine saying, “Once you think you’ve got the hang of it, some curveball comes your way.”

LaBrecque loves social media and says, “to be able to interact with viewers through Facebook and Twitter is such a cool thing,” but she admits that finding a balance of how much of your personal life you share or not can be difficult. Even though she has always been a pretty open book, she found herself slightly more reserved throughout her pregnancy, but now that Silas is here she says, “If I could I’d post a picture of him every day!” She admits that she has to hold herself back sometimes.

Kelly LaBrecque and Caroline Cornish, a news anchor for WCSH 6

One thing Kelly doesn’t hold back is her passion for the Fit at Five series, which she created. She says, “I never set out to say that I am professional when it comes to fitness and weight loss. I am human and struggle just like most people—like right now with the baby weight that I am working to lose.” She admits that she was nervous about returning to work before losing it all, especially with the sometimes unattainable expectations and pressure put on new Moms, but she adds, “I am choosing to listen to experts who say that slow and steady is the way to go.”

The Fit at Five series helps provide motivation to men and women who feel this pressure and often features stories about building self-esteem and portraying positive feelings about body image. Their new resident trainer, Adam Tielinen, will be providing the team and viewers with some great new tips on how to lose weight and get in shape. Kelly has also been busy helping plan their annual Fit at 5K this fall.

LaBrecque says she loves being able to try all the different workouts and is a self-proclaimed hot yoga junky calling it her ‘reset button.’ Another reset button for Kelly is the entire WCSH 6 team. Kelly calls them fantastic saying, “We have fun, and I think that is important.” Some recent fun has included posting archived videos of the staff behind the scenes, including the video below, which features Kelly, Caroline Cornish and the “News Center Salon”:

Kelly currently resides in Portland with her husband and son. She says, “Portland is the perfect city to live in—not so big as to get lost in the commotion, but just big enough to always be discovering new things.”

To contact Kelly you may find her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter: @klabrecque, or join her network on LinkedIn

Nancy Marshall on WLOB’s “Mind Your Own Business” Show

On Tuesday our very own Mike Dacri interviewed Nancy on “Mind Your Own Business” on WLOBin Portland!

In the interview, Nancy talked about her experience in public relations over the last three decades, the founding and the work of Nancy Marshall Communications, and how a company has a “moral responsibility” to utilize a strategic marketing strategy and public relations plan for their business. We congratulate Nancy and Mike for such a great job!

Click HERE to listen to the full interview.


Mike Dacri, account coordinator at Nancy Marshall Communications

Debi Davis, host of “Mind Your Own Business” on WLOB

Nancy Marshall, principal of Nancy Marshall Communication

Gaziano Award Winners Announced

Mike here with your Friday Fab Foto and my first blog post at NMC! This week’s post is on behalf of our client, National Distributors, which started the Gaziano Awards in honor of their late founder, Frank Gaziano.

Bobby Begin accepts Gaziano Award

With the football season winding down and our beloved Patriots out (I’m still bitter about that) we salute our high school football players… more specifically our offensive and defensive linemen! This Friday’s Fab Foto is of this year’s winners, Bobby Begin of Thornton Academy and Kurt Massey of John Bapst at the 3rdAnnual Frank Gaziano Awards that were presented at the Augusta Civic Center this weekend to high school offensive and defensive linemen.

Kurt Massey accepts Gaziano Award

Both players epitomize the character, leadership, and perseverance of Frank Gaziano. Recipients were selected by the awards committee based on their strong leadership on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. Bobby Begin and Kurt Massey received $5,000 each and the four runners-up received $1,000 each. The prize amount doubled the scholarship from previous years, making it the largest high school scholarship of its kind in the country.

Gaziano was a former All-American football player who played for the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass. and went on to play for the Washington Redskins and the Boston Yanks (now the Indianapolis Colts). After his football career ended, he went on to run National Distributors, Inc. in Portland, Maine. He was always a fan of local sports and a proponent of giving back to the community.

Frank Gaziano

The event was a huge success and we congratulate all the winners, the runners-up, and nominees!

Check out the video from the event below:


Short Sales: A Long-Term Commitment

They say newspapers are dying. Well, for real estate this is becoming a reality. This week’s Monday Maine Maven, Marty Macisso, a realtor who specializes in short sales says, “the internet has almost entirely replaced traditional marketing.” Macisso started his career in consumer lending and mortgage financing, but when the market went south, he found himself helping homeowners with loan modifications and foreclosure prevention. His strong financing experience allowed Marty to naturally transition into short sales when he got his real estate license.

Short sales are often used as an alternative to foreclosure and in Maine, “homeowners on the verge of default and foreclosure have rights to Due Process through Maine’s court system,” says Marty. He adds that this system “prolongs foreclosures long enough to allow a short sale to happen.” Short sales can be a lengthy and incredibly tricky process and he says that many agents “take short sale listings and outsource the work to another party,” which Macisso finds to be a very concerning trend. Short sales require patience because the process develops and changes so quickly.

A trend he doesn’t find concerning is the growing use of social media in real estate. Marty says, “I started blogging about loan modifications and short sales using a basic WordPress site in 2009, and eventually that become my Web page.” His site contains videos for both buyers and sellers, which are posted to YouTube about market trends and legislature that can affect a short sale. He adds that “social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are very important in branding and getting your message out there; you get a great return on investment because it’s free and easier to track, unlike print ad campaigns.” The integration of social media and Google are factors Marty feels contribute to his success.

Born and raised in Maine and currently based out of Portland, Marty has a strong desire to get involved in his local community and has recently joined forces with the Portland Development Corporation. Their sole focus is supporting small business and drawing new business into the Portland area. “It’s rewarding in many different ways,” he says. He encourages realtors to look into short sales and see if it is something they want to specialize in, but warns, “sellers facing foreclosure require an agent who is living and breathing short sales—don’t take it on unless you have the time and are committed to learning the whole process.” He shrugs when asked if that’s all and says, “other than that, good luck.”

To learn more about short sales visit: