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Friday Fab Foto Contest Winner: Mary Howes

This week’s Friday Fab Foto comes from Mary Howes. She says, “I took this picture a couple of years ago at the old granite quarry in North Jay. I love this place and recommend that everyone take a hike to this spot.”

The quarry at North Jay White Granite Park.

I just might have to take her up on that!

To check out the beautiful scene for yourself, bundle up and visit North Jay White Granite Park today.

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Winter Scene in Rumford Center

As we look outside today, it is hard to remember the milder days of this winter. Nemo has taken over the Northeast and snow totals are expected to be anywhere between 6 to 32 inches!

Luckily for all of you, this week’s Friday Fab Foto from Deelight Zitzelberger takes us back to some warmer days. She says, “I wanted to capture my favorite spot before the river iced over completely.” Can anyone name this spot in Rumford Center, Maine?

Can you name this place?

Do YOU have a picture to submit to our Friday Fab Foto contest?

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Blizzard is Good for Some, not so Good for Others

dscn3693It’s snowing hard in Maine today.  My dog, Carrie, isn’t even sure she can make it down the stairs. In this photo, which I took about an hour ago, she was pondering her options. She did finally get down the stairs for a brief trip around the yard but then came right back into the house to get on her warm spot on the couch.

Since then we’ve gotten about two more inches. I’d say we have had over a foot of snow today and we may get another foot before the snow subsides.

It’s great for the ski business, but it’s not so great for traveling.  My two sons are about to get in their car and drive two hours for a ski race tomorrow. I wish they wouldn’t go, but they are committed to their plans.  Fingers crossed that they have a safe trip. At least they have good snow tires. 

I hope that if it’s snowing where you are, at least you can either enjoy skiing or sledding or snowboarding, rather than driving in it!