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WinterKids: Inspiring Active and Healthy Lifestyles Through Outdoor Activities

WinterKids Executive Director, Julie Mulkern

I’ve seen these ads on Pinterest and Facebook that start something like, “when I was a kid…,” and lately I’ve started to relate with these posts, and it makes me think, “wait, when did I become a grown up?” While I accept the reality of my fate, this week’s Monday Maine Maven, Julie Mulkern of WinterKids, believes that all children should still enjoy these experiences—experiences that develop active and healthy lifestyles.

Mulkern says, “Our message is simple, but so important: get outside, get active, be healthy and have fun!” WinterKids is a nonprofit that offers programs to Maine families, schools and communities to encourage outdoor winter activity. Their programs include snowshoeing, dog sledding, downhill skiing, snowboarding and more.

WinterKids outreach efforts have been more than successful says Mulkern stating, “Our school programs are serving a record 4,300 children pre-K through seventh grade this year alone.” This growth is a result of a multi-faceted, ongoing media campaign. Combine that effort with 15,000 e-newsletter recipients, PSAs on major television networks, and a growing presence on Facebook, and you have an unstoppable force in WinterKids.

Seth Wescott (center) and WinterKids staff at their annual License to Chill fundraiser last year.

Don’t let the name fool you; while they focus on winter outdoor exercise, they are becoming increasingly active in the warmer months of the year. Mulkern declares, “Our staff works year-round to ensure that we are developing the very best programs for Maine. We are partnering with like-minded organizations in spring and summer to keep up the momentum.”

Their Facebook page has created a new way to connect WinterKids’ variety of programs to Maine families. They host contests, giveaways, and promotions to engage their fans. Another draw for their fans is their official spokesperson, Olympian and Maine native Seth Wescott.

Julie describes Seth as the ultimate winter kid saying, “Seth is from Maine and he really values what we do.” A part of Seth’s role is promoting the organization through PSAs and by representing them at school visits throughout the state. Last winter he met more than 2,000 kids. The lucky students had the honor of trying on his Olympic gold medals. Mulkern says it’s an unforgettable experience adding, “They get to hear firsthand just how important, fun and life changing outdoor winter activity can be, and we are incredibly lucky to have Seth on our team.”

To learn more about the WinterKids programs, please visit their website or like them on Facebook at They will also be hosting a Downhill Derby this weekend and you are all encouraged to stop on by and be a WinterKid!

Friday Fab Foto Contest Winner: Mary Howes

This week’s Friday Fab Foto comes from Mary Howes. She says, “I took this picture a couple of years ago at the old granite quarry in North Jay. I love this place and recommend that everyone take a hike to this spot.”

The quarry at North Jay White Granite Park.

I just might have to take her up on that!

To check out the beautiful scene for yourself, bundle up and visit North Jay White Granite Park today.

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A Truly Great Weekend

This weekend I received a gift. It was the gift of time. What a simple but wonderful pleasure!

I had time to do some things on my two laptops that I normally just skip doing because the tasks are too time consuming……like setting up a  backup program to be sure I save all my data on my two hard drives (not too sexy but so important); synchronizing my iPod to iTunes  and downloading some new music I heard on the “Oprah” Show by Lady Antebellum; and finally, updating Norton Antivirus software.  Some of these tasks are insurance against having to spend future weekends trying to rescue my computers from disaster, and some were for pure pleasure; the simple pleasure of listening to good music on my iPod (which I am doing right now as I write this blog post!) Continue reading “A Truly Great Weekend” »