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Society of American Travel Writers

New York, New York

Yesterday I traveled to New York City for the annual holiday gathering of the Society of American Travel Writers. I haven’t been to Manhattan since March when we organized the Taste of Maine Media Marketplace for our client, the Maine Office of Tourism. There was a period in my life that I traveled to Manhattan on a montly basis and that got old fast. But now that I haven’t been into the city since March, it felt reallly great to be there for a quick 24 hour period. New York is energy. It is inspiration. It revitalizes me and inspires me. I suppose it’s because it’s such a mecca of media and business. It’s fast paced. I must say, I love New York.

That said, I was very happy to return to my beloved state of Maine.

Meeting an Internet Mogul, John Chow (Dot Com)

John ChowThis morning I met an internet mogul…..a guy who is making half a million dollars a year (or more) from his blog…….his name is John Chow and he grew up in a poverty-sticken town in China, then emigrated with his family to Canada, where he lived in a slum in Vancouver.

John Chow had an entrepreneurial gene, however, and he started as a teenager to figure out how to make money. Today he makes money on the internet, actually he makes lots of money on the internet, and he only spends about two hours a day doing it. He is not a blogger, but rather, he is an internet marketer who happens to have a blog.  I, on the other hand, have a blog that promotes my PR and marketing business  (which offers  internet marketing as well as website development.) Subtle difference, but still important.  If you look at John Chow’s blog, you will see that it is full of advertisements. He gets paid residuals from the advertisers on his blog based on his traffic. Continue reading “Meeting an Internet Mogul, John Chow (Dot Com)” »

Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs LogoI am a proud member of the Society of American Travel Writers ( because I have been doing PR for travel and tourism destinations throughout my career, which started back in the last century. I am not a travel writer, but I am a travel publicist, so I am an “Associate” member of this prestigious national organization.

SATW publishes a great newsletter called the SATW Traveler. There is a travel writer named Sandra Friend from Florida who writes a column on professional development and this month’s column is entitled “Build A Better Blog.”  She shared a tip about using the “Networked Blogs”  Application on Facebook in order to share your blog right on your Facebook page.  Since I’ve been writing this blog for several years, and separately maintaining several Facebook pages (for myself personally and for Nancy Marshall Communications), I think it makes a lot of sense to share my blog with my Facebook friends. But the thing I love about the Networked Blogs application is that I can easily see the blogs that my Facebook friends are writing, and see the blogs that they are reading as well!  If you are a blogger, or if you are interested in following the blogs that your friends are following, I encourage you to check out this app

Thanks, Sandra Friend!

Playing with my new toys

I’ve been away from my blog for over a week…shame on me. I do have an excuse, however. I’ve been playing with my new toys.

First of all, I ordered a new iPod. My old one was nice, but it was full and had no more hard drive space for me to download podcasts. My new one is the new pink Nano, with 8 Gigs of space for all my stuff. I’ve grown to really love listening to podcasts. My favorite is FIR, which stands for For Immediate Release, is all about PR and social media. The hosts are Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson. Continue reading “Playing with my new toys” »

Shel Holtz on Social Media at Travel Writers’ Convention

I’m a member of the Society of American Travel Writers, known as SATW.  At the most recent annual convention of the organization, Shel Holtz gave a fascinating and inspirational presentation about social media. As marketers, we can no longer think that our clients simply need Web sites, instead, we need to take into consideration how they build online communities around their brands. He talked about blogs, podcasting, and wikis. His presentation is available online.

Shel talked about how important it is to have a social media presence for building a brand and a reputation. It helps your organization to build a community around your brand, which in turn helps your reputation.

The statistics are compelling. Shel Holtz said that 1.3 million blogs are posted every day; that’s 18 per second; 100,000 new blogs are created every day, that’s two per second. The blogosphere doubles every 236 days, and there are now more podcasts than global radio stations. There are 100 million MySpace profiles and 50 million Facebook profiles, as well as nine million LinkedIn profiles. These numbers have inevitably increased since September of 2007 when he gave his presentation. Thanks to Diana Rowe who recorded all these statistics in the February/March edition of the SATW Traveler newsletter which is made available to SATW members as part of their membership dues.

I’ve been listening to Shel’s podcasts for the past several months and I encourage you to check it out if you are interested in the social media universe.